Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Zoo & Creation . . .

California Condor Wing Span. Incredible!
The Gorilla came up to the window and sat down.
How sad children are taught apes are their relatives
when God has fearfully and wonderfully made them.
Lunch by the Elephants.
Our family was blessed last week to get a tour of the Santa Barbara Zoo led by a Creationist (Russ McGlenn). Our homeschool group set it up and it was a wonderful and refreshing change to be part of a group glorifying God through the animals (and nature) instead of trying to make us believe we are their relatives (and they are equal to us). Here are some pictures to share with you of our day. He is truly evident in Creation, and His amazing design truly can give us confidence that He can handle the details of our life!

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  1. Loved "The Zoo and Creation"! It's so great for kids to see the wonders God made from a biblical perspective. Say hi to your sweet ladies for me!


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