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Email Subscription:
You can subscribe to this blog by email. This is a great way to not have to manually check anything to find out if there is a new post, as long as you know that you can't make comments from the emails, and that you won't see the blog header image, the links above, or the right column of the blog in emails. When you get an email you can read it in that form, or you can click on the post's title in the email to go to just that post and read comments for it and see all the extras on the blog, or you can click on the link at the bottom titled "A Great God and Good Coffee" to go to the blog's home page (the most recent post will be on top).

To subscribe by email:

1) Type your full email address in the box on the right column and click "Subscribe."
2) A window will open with some jumbled text for you to type in. Type in exactly what you see and click on "Complete Subscription Request."
3) The window will change and tell you that your request has been accepted and to check your inbox for a verification email. Get the email, click on the link in it, and you are done. It sounds harder than it is!

Following (if you have a Google Account):
There is a link to follow this blog if you have a Google Account. Look for the sidebar "Google Followers."

Following Other Ways:
There is a link to grab the feed for this blog using multiple different ways. Look for the sidebar "Subscribe to Erick's Blog."


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