Thursday, January 23, 2014


Greetings to any and all who might read this! I know that I haven't posted since early December, but things have been really busy and I never want to force a post simply for the sake of posting. I hope that you had a joyous, God-filled Christmas and that this year is beginning filled with a deep sense of His love for you!
Dream and the girls in our "arena" with a metal cross we
were given when a neighbor passed away.
Happy girls!

Last year was a very good one for our family, but one in which were were heavily invested in, and surrounded by, many, many lives that were hurting very deeply. It was a year of seasoning in ministry that was probably one of the hardest, but most growing I've ever had. I feel honored and privileged to be used of God in other people lives, and I hope I never resent or grow weary of that. I found seasons in which I found religion deeply unsatisfying if in any form that it substituted for Jesus Himself. He alone is the deep well we must drink from and the life we must let flow through us. Anything that doesn't point us to Him, but substitutes for Him, will never satisfy or sustain. Yet . . . how easy it is to replace Him with things about Him, to let things meant to be a means to Him as the end become instead an end in themselves. Jesus—He is life . . . yet it is easy to miss that in the busyness of our world, or even in doing things about and for Him.

One of the neat things that happened for our family in the later days of 2013 (in addition to the amazing trip we were able to take that I've already posted about) was being given a horse. The girls named her "Dream" as she is their dream come true, and we are blessed by the instruction the couple who gave her to us have been giving us. She is about 8-years-old, and an Appaloosa pony. We are very excited to have her in our family, but desperately needing rain to get the grass growing we need to supplement her feed.

I look forward to sharing more of our life and some things God has been showing me with you in the weeks and months ahead, and I thank you for sharing in my life. The body of Christ is fully the body when it is interconnected one with another, and I love hearing from you as well. May God bless you in the coming months and may we all grow in a never ending awe of Him and His holiness, and joy at our adoption. Blessings   —Erick

Note: This blog began, and remains, as a place for me to share slices of my life, thoughts, things God is showing me, etc. If that description ever ceases to be something you are interested in please feel a freedom to unsubscribe using the link on your email. In this day and age of constant electronic bombardment in many forms we must be careful in what we choose to read and invest our time in, or one day we may find that while we are surrounded with things about God, we are empty and dry in God. If you enjoy hearing about our life, great! If my posts play some small part in drawing you closer to God or encouraging you, great! And if not, please have God help you find things in your life that better serve to draw you to Him. I understand, and encourage you in that direction.


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