Monday, October 20, 2014

A Vast Gap and A Vast Difference

Mary Ann and the girls looking down a tributary canyon
at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
Our family was recently blessed in being able to take a homeschool trip to Great Basin National Park in Nevada, plus Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks in Utah, and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. We camped most of the nights we were on the road, and even were able to search for flood evidence at two trilobite fossil sites, as well as visit Fossil Mountain and find some shell fossils there. Typical of the Reinstedts, our van came back very heavy with rocks!

Along the journey we were so uplifted and encouraged to be able to read from Creation guidebooks we had bought from the same people who had done the Yellowstone one we used last year.* It is absolutely incredible to be able to read about the sites you are seeing from a young earth, flood geology perspective. It is like scales being pulled from your eyes as you see the land through those lenses. And, it is in resources like that where you find that at the Grand Canyon there are no known water sources for the tributary canyons that feed the main canyon off of the north rim. Facts like that are stunning when you stand at the head of these tributary canyons and stare down them into the main canyon and then look behind you on the plateau and realize there are no rivers or water sources that can explain the canyon you are looking down! Suddenly you go, "Wow! That is crazy! There truly is no other explanation for this canyon than a massive water event!"

Interestingly, a sign at one of the pullouts on the North Rim says, "Ancient Indians knew the Canyon well. Their legends say the awesome gorge was formed suddenly by great floods. It had deep religious meaning." The, a little below that on the sign it says, "A century of scientific study indicates natural forces of erosion slowly cut the Canyon while the land was gradually uplifted. The process has taken several million years and is still going on."

Hmmm. A century of scientific study. And yet those closest to the time of origin of the canyon have it right all along, and we, in our desperate efforts to find any explanation that doesn't include God, only get farther and farther from the truth (and we pull people away with us) as we undermine what God has clearly said from the start, and what cultures around the world have conveyed in their histories—that a massive, global flood shaped the topography of this earth!

Mary Ann and me in the Narrows at Zion.
I found that contrast on the same sign to be so stark I wanted to share it. It really made me shake my head. Man is so eager to find explanations for life, its meaning, values, etc., that don't force them to have to deal with the reality of a Creator who is very present in this life that they will come up with any explanation, no matter how ridiculous, to avoid Him. And our idolization of college degrees means we trust what they say, and in so doing often drift farther and farther from truth, thinking we are getting closer and closer to it.

I praise God for resources like those guidebooks, and like the Jonathan Park audio dramas our family listens to often on road trips. We so enjoy them, and are so blessed by them, that I want to write more about them in another post. But, in a nutshell, these audio dramas take you all over the world, and into all sorts of adventures following two families, while teaching you so much about Creation Science, the geology of the flood, the history of the collapse of the church on this issue, etc. I can't begin to tell you how many things I've learned from them that I've shared in teachings, this blog, etc.—and how many things I've first heard of from them that I've further studied on my own.

We were first loaned Volume One of Jonathan Park some years back, and after listening to only the first couple episodes we knew we had to get it for our family. There are currently nine volumes with a tenth one on the way next month, and more in production (plus they have study guides for some of the volumes and they are top-notch in the way they are done). If you like adventure (no matter your age), have or know kids or grandkids, or want to learn more about Creation Science in a fun way, I highly encourage you to check them out. The web site is: Our family so enjoys these that it is almost a running joke in it that as soon as we hit the road, or the girls finish some school in the car, the question comes . . . "Can we listen to a Jonathan Park?"

Anyway, I wanted to share those resources with you as we have been so blessed by them, and we are always so grateful when others share with us tested and true resources they've discovered. God bless all of you and, as always, thanks for sharing in my life!   —Erick


* These guidebooks are published by New Leaf Publishing Group and all three are by the same four authors (Dennis Bokovoy, John Hergenrather, Michael Oard, Tom Vail). The titles are:
   Your Guide to the Grand Canyon
   Your Guide to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks
   Your Guide to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks

If you are ever traveling to any of these four locations I highly recommend buying these in advance. They are top quality, with beautiful photography, and filled with rich information that will strengthen and equip your faith in Genesis.


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