Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Being Sure . . .

I know that there are times when we simply have to make choices and we just can't hear God's voice on which direction to go. In those times I trust in Psalm 37:23 which says: The steps of a man are established by the LORD, when he delights in his way. That was English Standard Version. The New King James Version translates it: The steps of a [good] man are ordered by the LORD, And He delights in his way.

A lady in our church once pointed that out to me when I was struggling to make a decision and not hearing God's voice. Since then I have stood on it—I make my best decision and trust that as I have sought Him, and sought to honor Him with my life, and earnestly desired His will in my life and not my own, He promises to establish my steps. Trusting that, I just make my best decision.

With that said, I have been reminded in these last few days of the importance of seeking God's heart for decisions and hearing His voice when we are able to. It is so critical when the enemy casts doubt to be able to go back to the decision that took us where we are and say, "No! I know I am where God wants me, and I know that He is not going to leave me alone in it."

Last week I did a graveside service for a man who was part of a wonderful, long-established family in our area. As the hour approached, knowing that there would be a crowd there which would include many, many of our area's long-time natives and families, I began to feel nervous and start to doubt my notes and let all sorts of insecurities creep in. Last night I experienced the same thing when I spoke at a revival service at a church in Paso Robles and as the time to speak approached I saw five other area pastors in the crowd. Suddenly I was nervous, questioning my notes, etc.

In both cases I returned to the same place. I was able to say, "No. I will not be afraid. I sought God's heart about whether I should do this. I have sought His heart in preparing it. He is not a God that abandons His children, but an Immanuel God who is with me, colaboring with me, beside me, and in me." There was such tremendous peace in knowing I had sought His heart and will from the moment I was asked to do them all the way through the process. It gave me a place of assurance to go back to and take my anxieties captive to. My God does not sit back, arms crossed, judging me—when I seek His heart and seek His will He colabors with me as my biggest fan and friend and helper. He is, truly, a great God, and both of those services were anointed by His Holy Spirit.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fear Not . . .

It has been a long time since I have made a post to this blog. One of these days soon I will try and put together a post that explains sort of where I have been at and why I have been so silent. I am still trying to process it all myself. But, for today, I read an article this morning that is very pertinent to our times and I felt needed to be passed along. It is one of the best I have read at firmly, but lovingly, drawing us back to proper perspective and priorities in these days and times. It was posted this morning in the Christian Post, and taken from a blog by Russell Moore. Here is the link:


After you have read the article I think you will best understand and appreciate the image I have included. It is a scan of a copy of an old poster I have on my office wall which was, I believe, put up in Britian after their hero, Admiral Nelson, had died. I can only imagine that, to an island nation who relied on its navy to protect it from all of its enemies on land, the death of their naval hero was a scary moment. The poster (and I have no idea who put it up) points them back to their true protector, and reminds them to fear Him alone. Once we are right with God, all other fears fall in to proper place.

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