I am a pastor. I treasure my calling. I consider it the greatest privilege to be called to study and teach God's sacred and precious Word, and to model and show Him and His love and His power to a body and a region. I am blessed by my fellowship at True Life Christian Fellowship, and I have links to some public pages from True Life's web site on this blog. But, since the government prohibits the mixing of non-profits and politics, I need to state that this blog is my personal blog—it is where I share my personal thoughts and reflections on God, life, my family, politics, etc. I do not write this blog in any way as a part of True Life Christian Fellowship, nor do I imply in any way that True Life endorses or supports the views or opinions I express in it. I write it not as True Life's pastor, but as a simple follower of Jesus who happens to be a husband, father of two beautiful girls, a pastor, a child of the King, a citizen of God's Kingdom. Enjoy!


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