Monday, August 10, 2009

You Never Let Go . . .

Tonight I put on Matt Redman's song about God called "You Never Let Go" and I turned it real loud (it is a good thing we live in the country and don't have neighbors!). I clicked the button to send it in to the kitchen where Mary Ann was working and then looked at Abigail who was sitting in the living room and singing along. I held my arms open to her in our "do you want me to pick you up?" posture and her face lit up and she beamed and jumped up and in to my arms. I picked her up to the ceiling and then swung her around and around and put her on my shoulder and spun around as we sang and danced to the song about how God never let's go of us, through the highs and through the lows.

Soon Bethany runs in to the room laughing and calling out, "My turn!" and she got the same as we laughed and sang and danced around. Soon both girls were on my shoulders being spun around at the same time as we restarted the song for a second play through. After I set the girls down and we laughed while the song played I "ambushed" Mary Ann who had come in to the room and soon SHE was on my shoulder being spun around laughing. As I spun my girls and sang to the song I had a thought---I believe from God---which I shared with my girls after the song was over.

I said, "You know girls, you could have never enjoyed that if you were afraid of me letting you go." They paused. I then added, "If you were afraid of me letting you go what was intended to be joyful would have been fearful."

Bethany says, "Like the song is about."

Yeah---out of the mouth of a babe. She gets it. We got it. We can't have the joy God intends us to have if we are afraid He will let us go. What He intends to be joy will be fear instead if we don't trust Him. Good thing that His Word promises that He will never let go of those who have invited Him to be Lord of their life!


  1. Erick, May I use this in a devotional I'm to give at a retreat in October?

    I have been thanking God for keeping you guys safe from that fire -- were you thinking you should change your name to Shadrak?

    Thanks also for the "love letter." I love you too and am so thankful for how God has grown you and uses you.

    Love and hugs to all "your girls" (except the cows).


  2. Hi Amy!
    Absolutely. Any way God can use it! I have gone back to that multiple times in the last day, just really believing that God spoke there about how we can't experience the joy He intends us to experience if we are at all doubting His faithfulness and hold on us.
    Shadrak? Hmmmm. Hadn't thought of it, but you never know :)
    What's this with love to all "my girls," except the cows? I am not sure it is politically correct to send love to a cat and not a cow, and the cows are feeling really discriminated against. Of course, I know that you love cats, so maybe if I explain to them that it isn't personal...
    God bless, love ya, miss ya! When you heading south?!?


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