Monday, August 3, 2009

Request for a Prayer Cover . . .

We are in the final stages of preparing for having 10 youth and an adult helper spend the next two days at our home for a "Solid Foundations" time. We did this in 2004 three times, with 8 youth each time, and it changed some of their lives. They arrive at 3:30 today and go home at 11 am on Wednesday. We hang out, have some teachings on solid foundations of our faith and walk, teach them to take quiet time (and make them!), go to a pool of a couple in our church on Tuesday afternoon, eat great, watch God-centered movies on our lawn from around 9 pm to 11 pm, share, hang out, etc. When we did this in 2004 the "evaluations" the youth filled out almost without exception said that the quiet time we had them take (we don't tell them how long it will be, and we add 5 minutes each time, starting at 20 minutes and ending at almost 40) was the best part. Most had never done it. The things God told them were amazing, and they were amazed to hear them. We will be having 7 youth, grades 6 - 9, here who have all shown a real heart to grow in God. There will also be three older youth helpers, two still in high school and one a former youth grouper who graduated two years ago.

So, to wrap this all up, we would covet your prayers over this time and in the days following it that God would continue the work we are confident He will begin. The enemy wants to steal it---yesterday there was a fire a couple of miles away that I heard reached almost 1,000 acres. It was so close I didn't even feel comfortable leaving to fight it as it could have reached our home within hours if the wind shifted and we would have been fighting for our property, animals, etc. Obviously the Solid Foundation time would have been cancelled. As it was, the wind stayed in our favor the whole time, and there were a ton of air assets there to fight it because they were already in the area fighting another fire farther north. Wind blowing the other way. . . Airplanes already in the area . . . Do we have a great God or what! And the devil would have us think he is the big one!

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