Friday, April 18, 2014

Just a Closer Look

Our family enjoys photography, and sometimes we'll zoom into a picture we've taken and be amazed at the intricacy of some tiny part of a flower or plant or piece of wood or a bug or ??? that we could have so easily just glanced at or even simply passed by. We've felt like others would be amazed at it as well, and maybe even encouraged to know that God cares about such tiny details in nature—because it stands to reason that He would be even more concerned about, and attentive to, the tiniest of details in our lives as well. We also find such a closer look leaves us in awe of God, and praising Him, so we wanted to share some of it.

We've come up with what we hope will be a fun Facebook page called "Just a Closer Look." It can be found at:

Our intention is to post a zoomed in portion of a picture and give people a few days to have fun trying to guess what it is. Then we'll post the "big picture" and a new zoom to guess about. Our hope is that it will:
1. Glorify God
2. Cause people to slow down and take notice of the tiny details in Creation around them
3. Encourage people's faith
4. Challenge the unsaved to question if they really can believe such intricacy is all by chance
We also hope to post encouraging thoughts and scriptures that are relevant to the theme of the page.

If that interests you feel free to "like" the page and spread the link to your friends who'd be blessed by it. I will be monitoring the comments pretty closely as it is a page our whole family will be working on. As a teaser I am posting our first "What is it?" picture here . . .

(By the way. If you are on Facebook and haven't "friended" me, send me a Friend Request at:
As a forewarning, I don't spend much time on Facebook at all other than updating events and photos on our church's page, but I do find value in being able to add that as one more way to try and stay in touch.

Blessings! And may you have an amazing Easter!   —Erick

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