Thursday, April 10, 2014

Great Reads, Great Deals

I have blogged in the past about an author, Rosemary Hines, who has written a fiction trilogy that really blessed me. Her three books in the series cover a multitude of topics, beginning with the New Age movement and how it can subtly creep in and grab us. To share her own words:
The novels in this series are very message-driven. For example, if you've seen or heard about the movie God's Not Dead, the topic of how university professors seek to destroy the faith of their students is woven as a secondary theme in the novel, Through the Tears. Other topics like our broken foster care system, teen pregnancy, the heartache of abortion, the prevalence and seductive nature of New Age beliefs in our culture, as well as the devastating impact of suicide are among the issues explored in the pages of these books. These books are my offering back to God for His loving redemption of the years the locusts ate away in my life. So, being able to get more books into the hands of readers has been my goal from the start.
I have really enjoyed, and grown from her books. I wanted to share that they have been recently updated and are available in e-book on Amazon for a very good price (I make nothing from this, I just believe in her and her writing and how it can bless others). The links for the books, in order of the series, are:
You can read more about her and her blog and books at:
She also has a Facebook page at:

I first heard about Rosemary from a lady we know who Rosemary played an important part in her life, and since reading her books we have corresponded in email a lot and I can tell you she is the real deal!

While talking about Christian fiction author's I have enjoyed (which in Christian fiction means to me—enjoyed and challenged and strengthened and equipped by all at the same time!) I wanted to share that another author I've "met" over the internet after reading his books is Jon Guenther. His novel Soul Runner: A Novel of High Adventure was a real joy to read and it blessed me in that it was good writing that encompassed the full Christian experience as described in the Bible (not just a book with a Christian character that has good morals). It included the miraculous and God's power at work and that, to me, is an important part of the Christian life as described by God. I would recommend reading Soul Runner, and I wanted to share that he has a new Christian novel which I am looking forward to reading, Finding Faith. (Note: not all of Jon's novels are Christian so if that is what you want to read research before ordering others. But the two I've mentioned are, and having read Soul Runner I can recommend it with great pleasure.)
I have corresponded via email with Jon as well over the last few years since reading Soul Runner and I can tell you his love for God and others is awesome! You can't go wrong supporting either of these authors in their journey and efforts to honor God with the giftings He's given them. For these authors who seek to honor God often the publishing industry is hard to crack and they do it on their own, with their own resources. The best thing you can do for them besides praying is to recommend their books and write a review on Amazon, etc., after you've read their book(s).
If you are a fan of reading fiction then Christian fiction can't be beat. God says to meditate (fill our thoughts) with things lovely and pure and praiseworthy—things of virtue—and good Christian fiction not only "takes us away" for a bit, but it encourages and challenges and strengthens us in the process. There is so much junk out there filling people's minds that I love to share when I find things that are God-honoring and glorifying.
Blessings.   —Erick

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