Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"Dream" Homeschooling . . .

Watcha Doin'?
Can I write too?
Good book?
I like the cover. Read to me.
Where's my snack?
This morning our horse, Dream, joined the girls for homeschool. I thought that you might enjoy a few pictures of it!

Also, if you can afford to, and God gives you that permission, I would really recommend going to see the movie God's Not Dead while it is still in a theater! A couple in our church saw it and wanted us to see it and paid for our family to go yesterday. We were so blessed! It is a movie that you might want to take a friend, neighbor, loved one to see. It may not convince them of God, but it will certainly plant seeds, and it will tremendously encourage Christians. I have been watching trailers for it, and getting email updates on it, for over a year and it lived up to my expectations! It is exciting to see a faith-based film like that in a major theater and to know that the word is out there that faith-based films will be supported! One line from the film, as best as I can remember it, that affected me came when a young man was struggling with a call God put on his life that would be costly to him. The pastor said about knowing what to do, "It is not easy. But it is simple."

Blessings to you all. If I don't blog before, have an amazing, joyous Easter as you reflect on the cross as an eternal testimony of how much God loves you, and the empty tomb as an eternal testimony of His power and Jesus' authenticity . . . and of all of our hope being founded on truth!

God is good. All the time. All the time. God is good. (See the movie. It will make sense.)

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