Monday, November 26, 2012

You Might be Country If #2

In response to the overwhelming (that's a joke, though many people did tell me they really enjoyed it) response to my post in September called "Just for Fun . . ." my family and I have gathered a few more "You might be country if . . ." thoughts. Of course, just like the first one, I'm not saying that I know anyone these have applied to in real life (smile). Of course not.

You might be "country" if . . .

. . . you put up the 16' Christmas tree at your church building that someone cut in the hills around you and brought to the building in a beat up pickup truck and find you need to cut two feet off the trunk. So, someone whips out a chain saw and cuts it off . . . while you are still in the building.

. . . the "tooth fairy" brings fly fishing lures and puts them under the pillow.

. . . you vote absentee ballot . . . because they make you because you don't have a polling place.

. . . when you go on a call on the volunteer fire department there is probably a 50% chance or better you'll know the person you are responding to.

. . . one of your youth groupers stores a pig on your property . . . and its alive, not in your freezer.

. . . one of the highlights of your family's year is the day it is green enough out and you have your burn permit and can burn brush piles and downed wood in the field, and sit around and have coffee, cocoa, roasted hot dogs, and smores as it burns down.

. . . when someone asks your kids if they have any pets and they reply, "five chickens, three cats, two cows, and a lost sheep that jumped into our field and whose owner we can't find."

. . . you hop the fence by your house and have to be really careful . . . because it is barbed wire.

. . . you don't use a cell phone . . . because your house doesn't have cell coverage.

. . . you are helping someone move and you are thrilled when they give you a bag of horse poop for your garden.

. . . you pick plums from the top of your plum tree . . . by being lifted up in a tractor bucket.

. . . getting ice cream from the store to your house before it melts is a big challenge.

. . . the bathroom at your local community center is "flushed" by scooping a cup of ash out of the can in the bathroom and pouring it down the hole when you are done.

. . . the "basic necessities" include baling wire and duct tape.

. . . one of the best Christmas gifts you've ever received is someone bringing you a load of firewood.

. . . more of the people you know barbeque with wood than with charcoal or gas.

. . . you could put on a live nativity . . . using only animals owned by people in your fellowship.

Enjoy. Remember, A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22

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