Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Just sharing a neat blessing . . . yesterday our family took a town day for some personal errands and to buy stuff for youth group. We tried to make part of it a fun "summer" day for the girls, and included shooting over to Morro Bay to spend some time at the beach. Before we left Abigail asked if they could take their kites. We were running late getting out, and I wasn't sure where one kite was or the condition of the other, and I didn't know that we'd have a lot of time to fly them, so I said no and gave Abigail permission to bug me about the kites so that we'd do it another time this summer. They were cheerful about it and easy going.

So . . . we get to Morro Rock and the beach near it and walk out around the rock to show them the ocean on the other side of the breakwater. Then, coming back they picked the path down to the beach so they could wade and play. I get to where they were waiting for me (Dad had to stop and look at some of the rocks the sign claims are millions of years old) and I look to the left and there, laying on the sand with nobody around for probably 50 yards, is a brand new kite, still in its bag. We tried to see if we could see anyone whose it might be and couldn't. Before we left we even asked someone with a similar kite if it was theirs. No.

Needless to say . . . our girls flew a kite that day. One specially placed, I believe, just for them. Thanks God!


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