Monday, April 16, 2012

Jairus, Jericho, and Evolution

I was saddened to read of Biologos’ “Theology of Celebration” conference in March in which multiple pastors and scientist and theologians participated and dialogued about the evolutionary process being God’s method of Creation. Especially sad to me was to see names of people participating like Tim Keller, who is a dominate name in Christian circles, and who I am confident truly loves the Lord, and who I am sure just wants to be in truth and to serve Him faithfully with all his heart and life. I was happy to read though, that, according to Barna statistics read there, more than half of Protestant pastors still believe in a literal Genesis Creation, and fewer than one in five embrace the Biologos position.

It saddens me how many Christians seem to feel a need to try and make the Bible fit “science.” Even more sad to me is the dominance of the error-filled idea that science doesn’t fit the Bible. The voices of scientist out there who believe that the evidence, without pre-bias or assumptions, best fits the Genesis accounts of a young earth and a global flood are many, but they are not being heard and it is crippling to Christian’s faith in the Gospel and in the Bible. Add to it well known Christians lifting “science” above the Bible and altering the Bible to match the mainstream’s presentation of science, and it is hard, and often confusing to those who have trusted these men and women to shepherd them into truth.

I think of Jairus, whose daughter was dying, and who came to Jesus. While he was still speaking, there came from the ruler's house some who said, "Your daughter is dead. Why trouble the Teacher any further?" But overhearing what they said, Jesus said to the ruler of the synagogue, "Do not fear, only believe." (Mark 5:35-37) Clearly God trumped all medical science and knowledge and wisdom here as He brought her back to life. What about the women with the issue of blood who, in faith, touched Jesus’ garment as He went with Jairus. With just a burst of His power she was healed of what all the doctors couldn’t do, though she’d spent all her money on them. Think of Joshua, breaking all military logic and knowledge, and trusting God and marching around a city and watching its walls fall down with a shout. Think about walking on water, calming storms, sticks turned in to snakes, demons occupying people, water coming from rocks, bread coming from Heaven . . .

In each and every case, what trumped what? Science and the wisdom of men and logic and “common sense” . . . or the power of God, within who galaxies find their origin? What did God require of those filled with fear and doubt and confusion? To trust Him. To trust His Word. To trust His character.

I shake my head that I once felt the need to make God fit in to science’s box, and I praise Him that He has set me free from that lie and put things in proper perspective for me—that He has showed me that God is God, and I (or science) am not. When man, and science, and the “wisdom of the world” come in to conflict with God and His Word, may I always choose the later. The sad thing is, that for those who believe they have to choose between science or believing God and His Word, the choice is really a false one. If they could only hear the true evidence, and see it free of bias and tarnish, they’d realize they don’t even have to choose. True science, and the evidence, support God’s Word and His account of Creation and the flood—and knowing that we can, in faith, stand on the rest of His Word and not just hope that the promises we've stake our lives on are literal, and not allegory!


  1. So true, Erick. The folly of Man is his desire to explain the miraculous within the confines of his mundane mind.

  2. Hi Rosemary! Thanks for the comment (and for reading). I truly get that folly for the unsaved . . . what baffles my mind is the Christian who professes to have faith in a Creator, a God, a resurrection from the dead, healing of disease, a spiritual realm, and so much more . . . but then feels compelled to try and twist that God and His Word to match science and their box of common sense. I guess, though, it shouldn't surprise me too much as I once was that Christian . . . God bless you and your writing and your family. I can't wait for your next novel!


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