Thursday, April 12, 2012


I have been teaching a lot lately on the body of Christ and how beautiful it is when the body is the body, and not isolated members. I truly believe Christ is only fully reflected and expressed when His whole body is living and working together, each contributing their unique gifts and callings, each loving and forgiving. Otherwise, the world doesn't need more of what it already has—lone rangers focused on themselves, dysfunction, hypocrisy, etc. It doesn't mean the body is perfect (there's a lot of hurt, pain, irritation, etc. in it at times), but how we deal with that will either reflect Him, or the flesh. At any rate, this post isn't intended to get deeply into that, but I wanted to share a blog post a lady in our fellowship sent me about this topic. I don't know enough about the author or site to endorse her or it, but I can say that this post, especially the 15 reasons at the end, really spoke to my heart and I think is well worth a read. With all the different "ideas" of what church, etc., is out there, I am sure anyone could whittle or pick apart or get theologically dissecting of parts of it if they really wanted to miss the whole concept it is expressing—but I think that would be missing the beautiful picture it paints of what Christ intended, I believe, His body to be like. Here it is:

God bless you all. Thanks for sharing in my life.   —Erick

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