Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Too Cool Not to Share . . .

This is too good to not share! I’m jealous—I want dreams like this! For those you who know me, or follow this blog, you will really laugh when you read that last part. God bless you all, and have a great day (please don’t forget, as well, to send me your answers to my “So You’ve Been Given the Pulpit . . .Christmas” post—I think you’ll be blessed by the first response I’ve gotten, you can see it in the comments on that post).

So, the dream . . . yesterday morning Bethany (shown in a recent picture of her) came in to our room very excited to share the amazing dream she had. She said that she and Abigail were playing in the play area when there was a knock on the door. She went and answered it and, believe it or not, Jesus and His disciples were there! They came in and she said that Mary Ann and I had coffee with them on the screen porch. When Mary Ann asked who made the coffee, she said that I did. Now is that cool, or what!


  1. Cool dream, Bethany! What did Jesus look like?

    And Erick, this has really happened to you, don't you know? Didn't he say "I was hungry and you fed me; I was in need of a cup of coffee and you fixed me one . . ."? So whenever you've had any of "the least of these" on your screen porch for coffee, you've done it unto Him.

  2. Bethany here, with your answer, Amy (she typed this next part herself): "Jesus looked like he had a whiteish yellowish (tan)robe on with a yellow sash. he had a kind face and a short not too light not too dark beard. He had dark blue eyes. He also had dark brown (in the old days) sandals."

  3. Thanks for your answer, Bethany! I hope He really does have dark blue eyes!

    In my dream (years ago), like I said on FB, He looked like the actor that plays Him in the Jesus movie. It was a wonderful dream. He and I were just walking along talking ("kickin' rocks" as one friend calls it), and I felt happier than I'd ever felt before. I still remember just feeling so warm and comfortable being with Him; loved and accepted -- cherished even.

    Then all of a sudden I thought, "Wait a minute! He's HERE! I have to go tell everyone!" And I took off like cheetah to spread the news.

    I know that's not how it's going to be when He comes again, but the dream put a strong desire in my heart to tell people about Jesus and the way to be saved. It's the most important job we have here on Earth, isn't it?


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