Saturday, November 28, 2009

So, You've Been Given the Pulpit . . . Christmas

As I said in my last post, I am introducing something here that, if it works, I may continue at other times. It is your chance to bless me and other readers. Here's the deal:
I would value you, the reader, imagining that you have been given either the pulpit of a church (preaching to Christians), or a soapbox on a street (preaching to the lost), and you have ONE message you can deliver about Christmas. What would it be? Give it some real thought and prayer, and then send me your answer in a comment which I will review and then post (assuming it is not offensive).

So, what about Christmas, or the Christmas story, would you most want to share if you had one crack at sharing it with someone? When you reply, specify if your "message" is from the pulpit (directed to Christians) or from the soap box (aimed at the unsaved)—or send me an answer to both.

I would treasure what you have to share. I'd love to know what about Christmas, or the Christmas story, fills your heart and would be the one thing you could share if you could. Would it be different to a Christian or non-Christian? What is Christmas to you and how do you keep your heart fixed on it? Let me know, please. It would bless me to be ministered to by you and to share your heart, and I know it would bless others as well. Don't sell yourself short, God has great things to say through you!


  1. Jesus Saves! He loves you so much (He's crazy about you!) that he reached down to you by becoming one of us. Enduring the pains of this world - through birth until being murdered (even though He was innocent) - to show you how much He loves you. All He asks is you have faith in Him as the only way to find eternal life.

    Let me say it again: He's crazy, madly in love with you. He wants you to stop trying to fill your life with other things. It doesn't work. We're never satisfied, except when we fill our life with Him.

    You don't have to worry about pleasing Him. Just trust Him. No games, no masks, no worrying about what other people think. When you put your faith in Him, nothing else matters. Don't worry about polishing up first. He wants you just as you are. Just trust Him and He'll show you how much He loves you. Give it a try.

  2. Went to a wonderful Christmas Eve service this evening. Great songs; great message . . . but what touched me most was something that had nothing to do with the program.

    The service was in one of the biggest churches in Grants Pass, and it was packed. Standing room only. My friends and I ended up near the back, behind a post, surrounded by parents with fidgety and noisy babies and toddlers. Determined not to let the less-than-ideal circumstances rob me of my joy, I focused on the words to our songs and prayed that the Lord would help me enter into worship in spite of it all.

    Suddenly a older man (70ish) directly in front of me got up and walked over in the darkened room to a couple who were standing against the back wall. The woman held an infant; the man held a twin toddler in each arm. The older man pointed to his chair, now empty. The woman shook her head no, and then the man with the twins came over and plopped down with his load. The older man now stood against the back wall, probably unaware that he had demonstrated what God's love looks like not only to those parents but also to me (and maybe others around me who noticed what had happened). I was moved -- and slightly ashamed that I had not even noticed the need that this man had gone out of his way to meet. My thoughts had been on my own desire to experience a great evening of worship.

    God's word says we were created to do good works that He has prepared in advance for us. He's got those good works all ready for us, but we have to have our eyes on Him to see where He is pointing. And in doing those good works out of love for Him and those He loves, we worship more deeply, perhaps, than when we sing with lifted hands.

    I don't know if this is a "Christmas Message," but I hope it touches your heart.


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