Wednesday, May 4, 2016

On a lighter note . . .

On a lighter note . . . if you've known or followed me any length of time you know that I am passionate about fossil hunting. I love to uncover evidence of Noah's flood and Genesis' trustworthiness, and to find things that no human eye has ever seen. I love doing it with my family because the only cost is getting to a place to look, and you have the thrill of the hunt and the exultation of discovering a treasure.

Well, being the hopeless romantic I am, for our anniversary last weekend Mary Ann and I did some poking around for fossils (no, that wasn't all we did, we had other great adventures, so no comments chewing me out).

Look what we found some 31-plus miles from the nearest coastline of the Pacific Ocean, and over 1,300 feet above sea level . . .


  1. That's so cool! :) Happy Anniversary.

  2. Thank you, Faith! It was really a great way to start our time together, out in the beauty of Creation, together, letting God lead us to His hidden treasures! God bless you. Again, thanks!

  3. I'm so glad that you guys had a good time! For all my teasing, fossil hunting is awesome. :D

  4. It is especially awesome when we can do it together! It is a true joy for me when our family shares this time. Thanks for all you are. You make your Father proud (Him and me).


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