Friday, June 24, 2011

Lessons from Chickens . . .

Recently, when we've gone out of town, we've needed to have the person who watches our house leave the chickens in their pen instead of letting them out during the day to roam around a larger area we had fenced in for them. Why? Because they kept escaping and getting into our yard and lawn and vegetable garden causing damage, and because we didn't want our house sitter to have to chase them around the yard at night.

The result of this? Unhappy chickens! But, when we see the reason for that, it struck me that we probably aren't a lot different. If those chickens had stayed in the boundaries we set up for them, they could have had the freedom and food and pleasure of roaming around the large fenced area for each day we are gone. But, because they kept "escaping" the boundaries and going after what, to them, seemed more beneficial and pleasurable, it cost them tremendously in the end.

I wonder . . . how many times to we "escape" the boundaries God sets up for us, and push the envelope, and do things "our way" (kind of like Eve who saw the tree was pleasing to the eye, good for food, and desirable to make one wise)? And, how many times does it force God to restrain, or hold back, something He had in store for us that maybe we never even will ever find out about? Just a thought, and maybe a lesson, from watching chickens . . .

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