Sunday, May 29, 2011

Clouds . . .

A cloud picture I once took.
A cloud picture I once took.
A cloud picture I once took.
A cloud picture I once took.
This afternoon Mary Ann and I were sitting outside having a cup of coffee and huge, billowing white clouds were blowing by. I love looking at clouds. They fascinate me! These were especially beautiful as the sky was such a deep blue, and the new leaves of the oak trees such a vibrant green, that the clouds really stood out and made all the other colors stand out as well.

I wonder, how long has it been since you ever really thought about clouds, and stopped and just watched them. Truly, they are fascinating! Think about it—water weighs just over eight pounds per gallon . . . and those clouds hold sometimes thousands and thousands of gallons of water in them. Just picture the water that comes out of them during a good storm when you can get multiple inches of rain in a day or a weekend. And yet, at eight pounds a gallon (imagine trying to lift thousands of one-gallon water bottles!) it remains aloft, suspended in some form, floating above us!

I know that scientists can explain all of it, and they use all these technical reasons and words for it, but don’t let that steal from you the childlike simplicity and wonder of simply a cloud. If man had tried to invent a way to suspend thousands, or millions, of gallons of water above him can you imagine the size of the vessel, or container, it would require, and the amount of lift it would take to get it up there, let alone keep it up there or move it around?!

Yet, somehow, the water hangs up there, is blown about effortlessly by the wind, is visible and yet we can put our hand right through it, defies gravity, and is painted with amazing colors at sunset and sunrise. It is truly a miracle of design when you think about it. Sadly, many would have you believe that these, too, (just like they claim about you), are a chance product of accident with no intelligent design behind them. Maybe it is no wonder that God says we must come to Him as little children . . . when we get old we get the truth that is obvious to a child educated right out of us.

Take time, today, I encourage you, to simply stare up at clouds and marvel . . . and, if you need to do it through a window, stop for a moment and think of how amazing glass is also—that you can see completely through, without even noticing it, something that is totally solid, and yet totally invisible. A product of accident, or design? I don’t need to wonder. It is truly “clear” to me!

May God awaken in you today a renewed, childlike wonder at His creation and may you find your eyes and heart and hands lifted to Him in awe and worship.

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  1. Amen, there is wonder in all God has created; I think we need to sometimes ask God to renew our passion to stay in awe of his creations and wonders around us.


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