Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Picture

The new masthead photo was taken Saturday in a field at the home of a family in our fellowship. They blessed us by including us in their family Easter celebration—complete with a BBQ, egg hunt for the kids, wonderful fellowship, a telling of the Easter story to the kids, a fresh pot of coffee in my honor, a quad ride through fields of flowers, and lots of love. Enjoy the photo and share a little of our area with us. It is beautiful this time of year! (Email subscribers, you will have to visit the blog's home to see the photo I am talking about.)


  1. Oh, the four of you make the property look just that more beautiful! Love you guys!!!

  2. Thanks, both of you, for making us feel such a part of your family. We had a wonderful time! Hugs to all.

  3. I love that picture!You guys look just perfect! :) I don't suppose I could get one of those to print out and frame for my "friends cuby-whole" on my book shelf?? Miss you all!
    ~ Kierstyn

  4. Hi Kierstyn. The picture is on the way. Check your email in a few minutes. Thanks for all. Hugs to the family. We miss you guys!


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