Sunday, August 1, 2010

Does it Matter?

Note: I don't normally post links to the teachings I give at True Life Christian Fellowship in my blog. If anyone is ever interested, there is a link in the "About Me" page (above) to our church's page where you can download recent teachings if you are interested. This Sunday, however, is an exception.

This photo is recorded to be of Ota Benga, a man from the Congo put on exhibit in a zoo in the early 1900s. He later committed suicide. I could not find copyright information about this picture. If I have violated any copyright in using it please let me know and I will promptly remove it.
This morning for our Family Service in which we keep 3rd-grade and older in I taught on Theistic Evolution, which, in a nutshell, is a "compromise" position in which a Creator is acknowledged, but then it is believed that He used evolution to bring life to its current place. In my mind this is one of the most dangerous places a Christian can fall in to—and possibly the most likely place for Christians to turn to who don't want to completely reject their faith or the Bible, but who hold man's view above God's Word (whether or not they recognize that they do). I believe that this trap is one that our youth will be especially prone to fall in to as they are bombarded with the false "facts" of evolution, but don't want to completely reject Jesus.

This morning's teaching was directed completely to the Christian, and it dealt with the theological problems of Theistic Evolution (I have already taught for many prior Family Services on the vast wealth of scientific evidence giving legitimate basis for us having a faith-based belief in Creation and a literal interpretation of Genesis 1 and 2). The questions I raise in this teaching would have no effect on a non-Christian as they come from the problems a belief in Theistic Evolution causes with the Gospel and the rest of the Bible, which they don't accept anyway.

I highly encourage you to listen to this teaching. I believe the questions it raises are very important, and any Christian needs to be equipped to present them to another, or answer them on their own. I conclude the teaching with the question, "Does it matter?" and I share what, to me, was staggering and shocking information on the American Eugenics movement which, stemming out of evolution, forcibly sterilized 60,000+ Americans and did not end until 1963 (20,000 were in California alone)! I was introduced to this in the Creation-based movie on the Gallapagos called The Mysterious Island, and with further research found myself stunned at what went on in our nation's recent history—actions that the Nazis later used to try and justify their actions at the Nuremburg war crimes trials!

I can not stress this point enough—what we believe matters! The logical extensions of evolution verses Creation head to polar opposites with no middle ground to meet in. Please consider listening to this teaching. I believe it will bless and equip you. God bless you all. Thanks for reading. May you have a wonderful, Spirit-filled week in which His love and peace and presence and joy are tangible to you, and you rest in them like you never have before.

Mp3 audio (35 minutes) of Theistic Evolution: Does it Matter?

Note: In the teaching I mention that Aborigines were put in zoos. Actually, correcting that, the most famous case of a human zoo that I am aware of was a person from Congo. But, the horrific treatment of Aborigines and other humans, as well as forcible sterilizations and prohibitions against marriage between certain people that were done under the framework of evolution and Eugenics, is well documented and easily discovered with a cursory Google search.

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