Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Telescopic and Microscopic . . .

Note: I haven't forgotten to post Darkness and Light – Part II. I just felt led to do this first.

Yesterday we were blessed to be able to take our girls to the beach in Cambria for a family day as summer draws to a close. One of my favorite things to do there is to lay on the "pebbly" beach and sort through the tiny rocks, marveling at the amazing colors and patterns and complexity in rocks so small you can barely hold them. Truly, if you don't actually lay down and get your nose next to the ground, you wouldn't even notice them.

One of my other favorite things to do is to browse the Hubble Space Telescope web site (see my November 12, 2009 post As High as the Heavens . . .) and download new pictures. Then I like to zoom in farther and farther in to them and be amazed at the stars (and galaxies!) that are but a dot in the picture . . . knowing the picture itself is but a dot in the sky.

Either way—microscopically looking at smaller and smaller details in already tiny rocks, or telescopically looking at more and more details in photographs of deep space—it is amazing to me how majestic and powerful and complex our Creator is. He is truly, beyond all else, worthy of our worship and praise and awe. I am struck as I look at the details, from a scale so grand I can't even fathom the numbers used to describe it, to a scale so small I need microscopes to appreciate it, that this is the God I have trusted my life to . . . and I know I am in good and capable hands.

I have shared two photo "journeys" with you below so that you can share a little of this with me. The first is from a photograph I took yesterday of a tiny part of the beach. The second is from the Hubble, showing star cluster NGC 265. In both cases, the white box inside the picture shows the area the image to the right of it is zoomed in on (i.e., the middle black box is the area inside the white square on the left, and the far right black box is the area inside the white square in the middle picture). Whether looking a pebbles on the sand at a tinier and tinier lever, or going deeper and deeper into an increasingly narrow slice of space, isn't our God  truly wonderful, amazing, magnificent, awe inspiring . . . indescribable?
Click on image to enlarge.

Click on image to enlarge.


  1. Hello Erick and Family ~

    What a great blog. I've really enjoyed your thoughtful insights on faith, creation and the tiny things in life that bring greater glory to our God.

    I've been refreshed by this fount of encouragement. Bless you and yours.


  2. Erick,

    Great post. Enjoyed the metaphors very much.


  3. Thanks Pearl and Brad. I have truly enjoyed getting to "know" you two through both of your blogs, and I look forward to growing together. May we strengthen and encourage one another, and always be reminding one another that our discussion has an end---to draw us closer to His image and more in to His service, reaching those He loves with His love. God bless you both and your families. Keep up the anointed posts!


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