Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So Proud . . .

I just have a moment to post, but I wanted to share something timely with those who know our family . . .

Pride is, I know, a "bad" Christian word. But, I am really proud and blessed by my girls.

Last Friday was the last day of their first year of homeschool, and they both did so wonderfully! Yesterday we went to the promotion/graduation ceremony at Bethany's homeschool group (Calvary Christian School)—the group Abigail will be joining next year as a kindergartner as well. It was my first time at a graduation that was completely Christian, and I can not describe how amazing it was to be in an environment where fathers and mothers are able to pray for their children from the front, and where there was such a sense of "commissioning" a generation to go out as Godly young men and women in to a culture that is so opposite of it.

I was brought to tears by one father's address to his daughter who was graduating high school—he was speaking such Godly blessing over his Godly, sweet Spirited daughter who is a beautiful young woman after God's heart. He was in tears, we were in tears, and that was just a part of the night. Parent after parent of children graduating 6th grade, 8th grade, and 12th grade were able to come up to speak about and to their child, and the verses they read, and the qualities they praised, were so uplifting. While these students are all academically and socially very strong, what the parents chose to praise and speak over were their hearts for God. It was so clear that, to these parents, to raise a child to love God was the highest priority—and you could see that happening.

I am including a picture of Bethany with her 3rd grade promotion certificate, and of Abigail with the books she completed this year. I am so proud of them, of the work they accomplished, and of the character they are developing. I can not thank God enough for the chance to raise them with such strong, God-centered curriculum and focus, and for my amazing wife who has just done so much for them and done such an incredible job in what was often not the most easy of tasks. I thank the Lord for all of our friends and family and the people who have stood by us, encouraged us, seeded in to us, and believed in us—whether or not they agreed with our choice. I do not think there is another man more blessed on earth than I am—though many, many are certainly as blessed with their own personal joys. Thank You, Lord. Every good and perfect gift comes from You.

Note: I share this as a part of our life. As any of you know who know me, we help out at our local public school with softball, and many people in our fellowship work at the school. We are proud of that school and its staff and nothing—nothing—I say about our love of homeschooling is ever a slam or statement about our public school or parents or students or staff there. Each family is called to a different path, and I am thrilled by the Godly influences that are involved in our special school in Lockwood.


  1. Hi! "Hartselle, Alabama" here! Using Sharon's computer during my visit.

    Please give your girls -- all 3 of them -- a big hug for me. I'm proud of all of them too!

    Army Muffled / Peek-a-boo Amy / Amy Em-Wye

  2. The following comment was sent to me via email by a friend who homeschooled their children and now have adult "kids" who all love and follow the Lord. I am posting it here with their permission:

    Dear Friends,
    It brings tears to my eyes and brings back lots of wonderful memories. To have adult children who love the Lord and to be such a close family is worth all the strain, pulling out of my hair, hard work ,loss of private time, etc......... You've started an adventure that you'll love. Congratulations to you as parents and give my congrats to the kids. Good Job! Love you guys PK


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