Friday, May 14, 2010

A Blessed Time . . . Part II

A few years ago I had a chance to take a walk along the path beside Morro Rock, in Morro Bay, California. (In 2008 I got to go on a helicopter ride around Morro Rock and I have included a picture of it that I took then.) I remember reading the posted "official" informational signs which talk about millions (or maybe billions, I don't quite remember that exactly) of years and asking God something to the effect of, "Why, when You knew of the amazing scientific advances your creation (man) would be making, and You knew how old those advances would date your work, did You create all this such a short time ago while knowing we would date it in such direct opposition to Your Word?"

I can remember so clearly the thought I had, which I believe was God speaking to me, which said, basically, "Because faith will always be required. I have created it such that there is no middle ground (theistic evolution which says that God started it but evolution took it from there). Man's word/wisdom and My Word/wisdom will stand in such opposition that each and every man (generic "man") will be required to choose who, or what, he will believe and stake his life on."

It was one of those moments that spoke to me so clearly and powerfully because I had been thinking a lot about faith in that season and suddenly I knew that God would require each of us to choose. In this day and season of attack on our faith, man's "wisdom" and God's Word stand so diametrically opposed when it comes to the Creation chapters of Genesis that we are truly forced to decide which we shall believe—and that is a decision about where we will put our faith.

I found our visit with Rick and Susan Oliver (A Blessed Time) to be very refreshing for many reasons—one of them being Rick's repeated returning to the fact that either stand, evolution and an old earth, or Creation and a young earth, require faith.

If we are honest with the evidence and present it all, the evidence for intelligent design is overwhelming. When we observe phenomena such as occurred at Mount St. Helens 30 years ago this month we realize that the foundations of evolutionary theory that require us to embrace long, long ages are faulty. Long time is not required, just powerful forces being applied to the land (i.e. a global flood with the deep opening up, subsequent volcanic activity, and the overwhelming weight alone of the water covering the earth's surface). To the contrary, Rick shares a time when he asked a room of 600 scientists for ONE instance of empirical evidence for evolution (according to one dictionary, the word "empirical" denotes information gained by means of observation, experience, or experiment). They could not give him one.

Can we prove that God created the world, and that He did it in six days not too long ago? No. Can evolutionists prove that there has been any evolution across kinds? No. They are both beliefs and both require faith. But, when we get past the bias and the censoring, when we lay all the evidence out and examine it, God's Word stands as a testimony of Creation that has a tremendous scientific base for believing it. Unfortunately, most of our children are not able to hear about the full scope of evidence and the latest developments in math and science that are undermining evolution's pillars, and strengthening the pillars of Creation.

Does this matter? Is this important? Yes! More than we may even realize! The societal, cultural, and ultimately eternal implications of the two theories are staggering. The value of life, the meaning of life, the purpose of life, the existence of God, the nature of God, and eternal life itself are foundationaly and radically different with each theory. It is absolutely critical, beyond measure, that we believe God's Word to be true as we stake our life (now and forever) on it, and the early chapters of Genesis have been one of the dominate places Satan has attacked our confidence in God's Word over these last centuries.

We are in a war for our faith and for the eternal souls of our children and neighbors, and evolution is one of the primary swords of the enemy. If we doubt Genesis 1:1 today, what else in the Bible will we or our children doubt tomorrow? The thing is, there is no reason to doubt the Genesis account. We just need to be aware of the full scope of evidence out there and we will see that it is, indeed, truly worthy of our full faith and commitment.

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