Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Great and Mighty God!

I am sitting here studying, looking out at the rain going sideways and almost obscuring the near hills, and I am struck by how huge our God is. During the summer, spring, and fall I get really comfortable in my house and its security, and, then, in storms like these, I realize, again, just how frail the things of man are.

This morning we had lightning filling the sky, and the crack and rumbling roar of thunder drive the girls to our bed and fill our ears with a sound that is truly mighty to hear and experience. The wind, pounding our house and yard and trees with mighty gusts that could uproot trees and rip shingles off of roofs, reminds me that my house and roof and fences are really so very, very frail in the face of nature's ferocity (is that a word?). The hurricanes and tornadoes and earthquakes and tsunamis and volcanoes that all make up nature's arsenal remind me that there is truly, nothing, that man can make that can withstand what God has made.

It is in moments like this that I realize just how vulnerable I am, and how truly tiny I am in the face of God and who He is and what He has made. I find myself so very, very glad that He is my God, and I am His child, and that He is my refuge and my strength and my eternal shelter.

As Mary Ann and I had a cup of coffee in front of our fire this morning the girls watched a video in their play area about God's Creation and, even in the little bit I heard during quiet moments in our conversation, I was again reminded how truly amazing and awesome God is. (Did you ever stop to think that if ice sank instead of floated that our lakes and rivers and eventually oceans would become a pure block of ice and the earth would be uninhabitable?)

I am amazed, truly amazed, that I once could look at all of this Creation around me—all of its intricate, perfect detail and interaction; and all of its amazing complexity and systems that had to exist all at once or not at all—and have believed so strongly that it was all the product of accidental happenings that I even mocked those who believed in Creation. My, how that veil does blind! I thank the Lord that the veil has been removed and I know have seen the truth.

We are truly tiny. We are truly, even at our most intelligent and creative, so small and proud and rebellious against God. It is all the more reason to be amazed, and eternally grateful, that He could love us so much He would die for us and then hold us so tight that all the powers of Hell can't keep us from spending forever with Him. I am so glad I can trust in Him and rest in Him and find strength and peace and understanding in Him—He is truly awesome and mighty and worthy of all honor and praise and love and glory. He is a great, great, mighty God!

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